Quality Assurance

At Baiada we all share the responsibility of customer service and supplying a safe product. The implementation of internationally recognised quality systems assists us in meeting our goals. Such systems have been put into all areas of our business, and incorporate food processing, distribution, feed manufacturing, protein recovery, hatcheries and farming operations. Our quality system covers such areas as control of the processes, purchasing, training, product control, product traceability and also provides for improvements to our processes.

The processing and cooking plants which produce our chicken and turkey meat are accredited to SQF 2000, a Standard which is accepted by many countries and industries both domestically and in international markets.  SQF 1000 accreditation is held by our farming and hatchery operations.   Our feedmills are HACCP certified.

To assist us in providing a consistently safe product for consumption, a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) food safety system has been adopted.

The HACCP system at Baiada meets the certification standards for Codex Alimentarius (Alinorm 97/13A) which is an internationally recognised accreditation which covers our food processing & distribution, pet food processing & distribution, feedmilling and protein rendering.

For more details on the principles of the HACCP system, click here.

Click here to view details on Baiada’s Birling Avian Laboratories NATA accreditation.

Baiada has also implemented an Environmental Management System across approximately 30 company sites that are certified to AS/NZS/ISO 14001 Standard and is in the process of bringing other sites up to this Standard.

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Our role in Halal Manufacturing

Australia is a multicultural country, where different types of customs, traditions and food are abundant within society.

The processing of chickens is not impacted by Halal certification. All processing complies with the current Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals - Livestock at Slaughtering Establishments.

Halal food does not taste any different from any other non-Halal products. It also doesn’t increase the cost of our product to consumers.

Baiada is one of the poultry producers in Australia whom is HALAL certified by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Our Halal range incorporates a variety of standard fresh and frozen poultry, including whole chickens, chicken pieces, and breast and thigh fillet. We also produce an extensive range of Halal further processed products. See the packaging for details.