Charity Nest

For many years, we have donated monies and goods across a wide range of charitable organizations. Each year the requests from charities grow and their dependence upon organizations like ourselves becomes more apparent. The Children’s Charity Nest was introduced to boost our involvement with organizations that focus on worthwhile children’s causes. The Children’s Charity Nest is an excellent way for employees of Baiada as well as the company itself to make a contribution that will make a difference to a child’s life.

As we recognize the importance of supporting community organizations, we have launched a fund where both the company and employees can jointly contribute to a group of nominated charities. The total amount raised by our employees is matched by the contribution made by Baiada. Information on the charities we have selected is listed below.


Ronald McDonald Houses across-

  1. Adelaide
  2. Canberra
  3. Herston
  4. Mater
  5. Monash
  6. Newcastle
  7. Parkville
  8. Perth
  9. Randwick
  10. Tamworth
  11. Townsville
  12. Westmead

Steggles Roosters Charity Nest

Victoria’s Charity Nest  

  • Jackson School
  • Kids Undercover

Griffith Charity Nest

  • Country Hope
  • Griffith Base Hospital Children’s Ward
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • Griffith Autism Support Group

Hunter / Tamworth regional Charity Nest

Queensland’s Charity Nest

  • Children’s Hospital Foundation

Western Australia’s Charity Nest

South Australia’s Charity Nest

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