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The 7 principles of HACCP are (#):

Principle 1 Conduct a Hazard analysis. Prepare a list of steps in the process where significant hazards occur and describe the preventative measures.

Principle 2 Identify the Critical Control Points (CCP’s) in the process.

Principle 3 Establish Critical Limits for preventative measures associated with each identified CCP.

Principle 4 Establish CCP monitoring requirements. Establish procedures from the results of monitoring to adjust the process and maintain control.

Principle 5 Establish corrective actions to be taken when monitoring indicates a deviation from an established critical limit.

Principle 6 Establish effective record-keeping procedures that document the HACCP System.

Principle 7 Establish procedures for verification that the HACCP System is working correctly.

(#) Reference : Mortimore, S. and Wallace, C. (1995) HACCP A practical approach, 5-6.