Birling Avian Laboratories

Birling Avian Laboratories is a NATA accredited laboratory owned and operated by the Baiada Group.  Birling is known within the poultry industry for work in the areas of Microbiology, Quality Assurance, Serology, Virology, Molecular biology, Allergen testing and Pathology. 

Birlings’ depth of capabilities enables it to provide ‘Through Production Chain’ testing: meaning all manner of analysis is conducted, from the egg to the final food safety tests on finished products for consumption.

In addition to routine testing, Birling also has a Research and Development program with the aims of keeping Birling at the forefront of testing technology.  Additionally, Birling research and development team also conducts research in collaboration with private, government and university researchers. 

Birling Avian Laboratory is a progressive forward looking organisation with a key focus on improving the quality and safety of food.