Breeder Farms

The principal farming areas for our Breeder Operations are in the Riverina and Tamworth regions of New South Wales, the Barossa region in South Australia, South East Queensland and north-east and south of Perth.

The key to success in rearing breeder chicks ("breeders") lies in a systematic and efficient management program, which commences with the breeder chicks being placed in a clean and sanitised poultry house.

During the life of a breeder critical management areas including feeding, temperature, bodyweight control, ventilation, lighting controls and health will greatly enhance the performance and overall welfare of the breeders.

The rearing period generally takes place from day old to 22 weeks of age in poultry houses equipped with facilities to brood birds. Various vaccinations are carried out at specific ages to protect against disease.

The egg production phase generally takes place from around 22 to 64 weeks of age. Throughout this phase eggs are laid continually, collected either by hand or by automated collection systems and stored at temperatures of approximately 16-19 C (until transported to the hatchery)

Interesting Facts

Breeder hens move freely in poultry houses - not in cages. They are housed with males to mate and produce fertile eggs which are laid in specially designed nest boxes.