The Baiada Group operates a number of hatcheries in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

The incubation and hatching of eggs is a precise and sensitive process designed to replicate the function of the "mother hen".  Any significant fluctuations in temperature, humidity and air flow can have a significant effect on the effectiveness of the hatching process and the quality of the chick produced.

To view an animation of how the chicken embryo develops see the Poultry Hub website at:

The Baiada Group produces three different breeds of chicken and one breed of turkey.
ISA Brown - Bred for customers whom produce table eggs
Cobb 500 - Used for poultry meat production and is a high meat yield chicken
Ross 308 - The most recent addition, this breed is also used for meat production
Hybrid - The breed of turkey used for meat production

Hatchery Hatchery Hatchery

ISA Brown

Cobb 500

Ross 308